My name is Iria and I'm the founder of Blue Anemone. I started my brand in 2018 after working my whole professional career for the fast fashion industry and realizing I wasn't happy and that I wanted to take a slower path in life. Blue Anemone for me is a journey of looking inwards and exploring my creative side. It's my freedom space. When people ask me what is the style of Blue Anemone I don't really know what to answer as I don't want to put boundaries to where this journey might take me. I want to explore forms, materials, techniques, prints, colors...I don't want to be limited. So you can expect the unexpected from us and this is part of the beauty and fun of designing. We're a little bit yin-yang with a mix of minimal and maximal. Human nature is contradictory and we embrace that. What you can expect from us is well made clothing with sustainable materials, craftmanship and a profound respect for this planet and the people in it. And also... lot of wabi sabi.

Thank you for wanting to learn more about us and have a lovely day!


Contact us at: info@blueanemone.com

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