After many years working dusk to dawn for the best fast fashion companies, living thousands of kms away from my loved ones and spending my weekends on a plane going to see the ones I was missing, I realized that the path of being more successful wasn't making me more happy. I decided then to slow down and take a year off to think about what should be the next step in my life. I returned home, rented a flat near the sea, got married and spent the days surfing, reading and listening to my forgotten records. As a symbol of good will, it was one of the best sunny years in the north coast of Spain that is remembered. Sky was blue, sea was blue and I was the happiest person on earth. I realized then that life can be much more simple. That's how Blue Anemone got started. Long summer days, going to the beach in my car listening to “Anemone” from The Brian Jonestown Massacre.
I would like my designs to be a reminder of that moment in my life. My aim is to make beautiful, eco-friendly home textiles and apparel that can make people's life more joyful and simple, helping them enjoy the small but beautiful moments that make life so much worth to live.





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Address Line: San Vicente de Paul, 11, 15002 La Coruña, Galicia, Spain

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