The “nostalgia" collection was born during the lockdown of March 2020. It arises from looking at the world through a window, from the desire to feel the sun on the skin again and to smell the sea breeze and the fields of flowers.

Throughout all that time, I revisited some of my favorite movies from the 70s like "3 women" or "Picnic at hanging rock". That atmosphere of freedom, a little bit naive, from that era and my feeling of nostalgia for the outside world, were the seeds for this collection.

As the weeks of that sad March went by, I imagined the story of two girls who lived in a beautiful house which was a "golden cage". They seemed to have it all but, were they happy?  Those girls missed running and dancing  in the fields, wearing flowers on their hair, picking oranges from trees... I pictured her dresses full of flowers, the ones I couldn't smell at that time. Sheer fabrics, bows, and lots of ruffles. Vibrant yellows that remind me of  the sun. A cheerful collection with a naive air that recalls the late 60s and early 70s.

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